What to Look When Buying a House on North Cyprus?

There is a different dimension on North Cyprus property title deeds. Property can be sold with 3 different types of title deeds. These are Turkish title deed, equivalent title deed and allotment deed.

Turkish title deed is property owned by only Turkish Cypriot before 1974.

The Equivalent title deed is deeds of land given to Turks who migrated to the North after 1974. Turkish Cypriots, who had to leave their real estates in the south and migrate to the north, were given real estates equivalent to the property they owned there by the TRNC in return for the real estates they left on the south side. By the same way of the title deeds of the lands given to the Greeks who passed to Southern Cyprus in the same period are also evaluated within this scope. These deeds are safe because of included in the Annan Plan (UN).

The allotment deeds are given to people by the government of North Cyprus and these deeds are guaranteed of under the TRNC.

First, you should look at the title deed of the property you want to buy. You should also choose the company that will guide you very carefully while buying a house.

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