Reasons of buying property in TRNC

First of all, properties are cheaper than other Mediterranean countries (Greece, Spain, Portugal, France and ext.). This price differences makes to North Cyprus more attractive.

The growth of property is 5 to 12 percent in a year on North Cyprus. Also, pre-sold properties are more than that because of tourism. Local and other investors are buying properties for mostly to give daily rent and make a holiday.

Another reason is nature and climate. North Cyprus has many magnificent beaches, historical places with mostly sunny weather in a year.

No visa requirements for visit North Cyprus that makes up tourism industry.

Easy stay on North Cyprus. People intending to immigrate or stay in North Cyprus for more than 6 months apply for a residence permit. They can get that residence permit by buying property on North Cyprus.

On the other hand, one of the most important reason is safety. The North Cyprus is one of the most safety country.

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