North Cyprus

Cyprus is recognized as the “pearl of Mediterranean” for its location and rich history. It is famous for its unexploited resources, unspoiled nature, its historical sites, beaches and the surrounding sea.

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and located 65 km from Turkey, 100 km from Syria and 420 km from Egypt.


Morphou is a city in the North-west of Northern Cyprus, which is said to have been founded for the goddess Aphrodite by the Spartans who migrated from Greece in ancient times. Morphou is most productive region for citrus production that’s why Morphou meets the orange needs needs of the island mostly by itself. Morphou municipality is organize orange fest every year. In addition, tothese natural beauties, morphou also hosts important historical monuments such as Soli Ancient City, Vuni Palace, Tumba Tu Skuru and St. Mamas Church.

It is one of the important regions of North Cyprus with its historical and natural appearance. An area around Dipkarpaz of the Karpas Peninsula, where a small population compared to its surface area live, is under protection because it has status of national park. In the south of the Karpas peninsula, approximately 15km from Dipkarpaz village, there are Golden Sand beaches. It consists of two beaches. The total length of the beaches is approximately 3700 meters. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Cyprus in terms of natural beauty and dunes. Golden Sand beaches are breeding grounds for Caretta caretta and Chelonia mydas sea turtles



Famagusta located in the southern coast of North Cyprus. It has a lot of offers an old town, narrow streets and magnificent historical treasures with beautiful sandy beaches. Needs to see historical places are Othello Castle, St. George Church of the Greeks, Famagusta port, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, St. George Church of the Latins, Francis Church, Namık Kemal Dungeon and Museum, Kertikli Bath, Famagusta Walls, St. Barnabas Monastery, St. Anna Church and Salamis Ancient City.

Kyrenia is most advance tourism city of North Cyprus. it is offer many things as a nature, history, beaches, entertainment, luxury hotels and casinos. Kyrenia is a most brightness star of North Cyprus. Easy transportation from Ercan Airport it takes 40 minutes by taxi. Most luxury hotels and casinos are located in Kyrenia.


Turtle Habitat Observation

North Cyprus has many great beaches for turtles bury their eggs in the sand. Caretta-Caretta and Chelonia Mydas these are two protected species when they arrive the sand, they are digging holes as much as deep during the night and lay their eggs. These babies born between August and September. All turtle beaches are protected therefore people will visit these beaches for see the baby turtles walks to the sea by making reservation.

North Cyprus has one of the best waters in Mediterranean. You will have an experience of the beautiful colorful corals, exotic fishes, grouper, cuckoo, amber jacks, stingrays, scorpions beam and able to swim with turtles.

Diving and Snorkeling


You will have an experience breathtaking views and great feeling of being free by paragliding on North Cyprus. If you like adrenaline that is what you must to do it first thing. This flight will be taken 20 to 35 minutes, it depending on the weather condition.

North Cyprus has many luxury casinos with perfect service, if you visit other country’s casinos you will see the service and quality differences between of them. Casinos offer free food and beverages even alcoholic or soft. Please do not forget that “always house win” that’s why try to have only an enjoy.


Bird Watching

North Cyprus is located in the Eastern Mediterranean, with Turkey to the North and Syria to the West and Egypt to the South, this location makes to island as a stopping for migrating birds. That migrating birds heading northwards during March to May, and heading south between August and October. Best places to watch them are Kyrenia mountains and Karpas Peninsula.

The Norther Cyprus is a country with a rich heritage of festivals where children, dance, art, youth and specialties of individual towns are being celebrated and promoted. Some important festivals are below:

  1. Kyrenia (Girne) Olive festival. (October)
  2. Morphou (Güzelyurt) Orange festival. (June – July)
  3. Büyükkonuk Eco days (May – October)
  4. International Bellapais music festival. (May – June)
  5. International Famagusta Culture-Art festival. (June – July)
  6. Cyprus theatre festival. (September)
  7. Kyrenia (Girne) Culture and Art days.
  8. Lefke Date Palm festival.
  9. Esentepe Zerdali festival.


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