Ottoman Artifacts to see on North Cyprus

The Ottoman center on the island was Nicosia because of that the most important works are located in Nicosia. It is possible to see the traces of the 300 years old Ottoman period which is an important part of the historical mosaics, mosques, inns, baths, fountains and aqueducts. We can list the Ottoman works that should be seen On North Cyprus as follows:

  1. Great inn: Great inn built in 1572 ad it is located within the walls of Nicosia.
  2. Arabahmet Pasha Mosque: it is building that reflects the characteristic features of Ottoman architecture which is home to medieval tombstones.
  3. Sarayönü Mosque: The Sarayönü mosque which has magnificent details and carries special architectural values.
  4. Iplik Pazarı Msque: It is one of the rare mosques whose minaret was built of stone.

Other important Ottoman works are;

  • Paphos Castle
  • Larnaca Castle
  • Hala Sultan Tekke
  • Mevlevi Tekke
  • Kırklar Tekke
  • Omeriye Hamam
  • The Fountain of Sarayönü
  • Bekir Pasha Aqueduct
  • Library of Sultan Mahmud
  • Dervısh Pasha Mansion
  • Lusignan House
  • Fringed House

There are many beautiful places to visit and see on North Cyprus. If you spend extra time on Ottoman heritage while planning your holiday, you can see architectural structures of the Ottoman period. You can go on a pleasant journey in the historical mosaic on North Cyprus. You can choose luxury and economical villas for your accommodation to make you holiday enjoyable so you will have an extra budget for your trips. You can relax in your villa with pool and continue to experience the beauties of North Cyprus.

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