How much is cost of living on North Cyprus?

All kinds of vegetables and fruits are grown on the island which has fertile land. You can find fresh vegetables and fruits at affordable prices in the markets. The per capital income index on North Cyprus is 1,23, unemployment rate is 6%. The cost of single meal in an affordable restaurant is approximately 6 Euros. You can rent a luxury flat in a very central location on North Cyprus at a very affordable price.

Happiness Island of North Cyprus has easy and peaceful life
North Cyprus is surrounded on four sides by the magnificence of the Mediterranean. There is an atmosphere where with anyone, lives in freedom and comfort. Companies are working with European standards have to give their employees certain rights. Humane living conditions can be achieved even with the lowest minimum wage. You can swim in the sea even in October so you can make a holiday at any time.

The Secret of Luxury Living on North Cyprus is in Property Prices
North Cyprus property prices offer everyone the chance to buy a luxury home even sea side. Newly built residences are ideal for those looking for luxury apartments. Studio apartments can provide the luxury you need. If you want to buy a car, you can get easily because of prices and taxes are very affordable.

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