How to make North Cyprus deed transfer transaction?

Especially foreigners who come for summer vacation want to buy a house in North Cyprus and spend the holiday season here and invest in this way. In this case, how are the title deeds transferred in order to be able to own property on North Cyprus?

Step by Step Title Deed Transfer Transactions Guide
After choosing the real estate you want to buy on North Cyprus and agreeing on the sale and price with the property owner, it includes the sales details (the price of the property, the payment method and the specifications of properties, ext.). The sales contract is prepared and signed by the parties. Then, in order to ensure the legal validity of the contract the stamp fee which is 0,5% of the price in the contract is paid to the tax office within 21 days.

After the stamp fee and the price of the property are paid, the title deed in the name of the property owner is changed and the title deed is issued in the name of the buyer. Without any dispute between buyer and seller, if the articles in he signed sales contract are fulfilled by buyer and seller, the property transfers to buyer in the Land Registry and Cadastre Office.

Deed Transfer Procedures for Foreign Buyers
If foreigners want to have real estate on North Cyprus, they must additionally have a real estate purchase permit. This permit can be obtained between 3 to 8 months. Also, foreigners can have 1 house or 1 acre of land from North Cyprus according to the law. Married couples are considered as one person. If the married couples have different family names, they have right to buy two separate properties under the same conditions.


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